What is online teaching?

Online teaching is nothing but the practice of teaching by online to an individual or a group. Internet is must because teachers and students are in different locations. You can teach anyone anywhere from the home provided both parties must have internet connection.
There has never been a better time to teach online. Awareness of online learning options is increasing every day. As more people join the internet with ever-improving internet connections, there is no end to where this opportunity would stop.

How much can I earn through online teaching?

You can earn as much as you can depending on your skill set. If you are working independently then there is no time frame. But you must get online students to teach. If a company is hiring you directly, you should ask them. If however, you work independently, then it works the same way as it worked before online teaching.

Who can teach online?

To be an online teacher, you need the following minimum parameters:
• You should have or be willing to learn basic computer skills.
• A good internet connection and a computer/laptop.
• Command of the subject you are going to teach.
• Digital Pen or MS-Paint or similar one to demonstrate anything by drawing just like white Board (Optional)

What are the timings?

Unless you are employed by a company, you can decide the timing yourself. Since online teaching is global and different individuals have different preferences, you should talk to the students and come to an agreement regarding the time that suits you and the student. I know teachers who go on a trip and take their laptop with them, enjoy during the day and teach from their hotel room at night.

How to teach online?

There are various tools available to teach online, free and paid. If you don't want to spend money initially, you can just use the free tools as they work almost as well.
There are two types of tool available, one desktop and another on online.

Desktop Tool

Tool Name Description Usefull Links
Skype Microsoft’s Free Product Skype makes it easy to stay in touch Talk. Chat. Collaborate.
Team Viewer The new standard for remote control and remote support.
Any Desk Connect to a computer remotely, be it from the other end of the office or halfway around the world. AnyDesk ensures secure and reliable remote desktop connections for IT professionals and on-the-go individuals alike.

Online Tool

Tool Name Description Usefull Links Zoom unifies cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings, and group messaging into one easy-to-use platform. Our solution offers the best video, audio, and wireless screen-sharing experience across multiple platforms. Follow this article to learn about the basic features of the Zoom client on Windows and Mac

Do you need a webcam?

It depends on the student's requirement. Most adult or experience students prefer not to have a webcam. However, new student who is taking online class first time or parents of kids want webcam to have more interactive session.

How to collect payment for online work?

There are various ways to collect payment for online work and they are as-

  1. International Payment
    a. PayPal:
    It's the most convenient of all but that comes at a price. They take almost 5% commission upfront and if there is a conversion, you should be ready to pay an extra 3-5% on the currency exchange which is a lot. It's a decent racket but I use them from time to time because of the convenience and the trust many people place in them.
    b. Western Union:
    If you don't want the money to be found by your income tax department, this would be your favourite. You can get money in cash, below a certain limit. It can be expensive therefore you should prefer Transferwise.
    c. Transferwise:
    Transferwise is a relatively new service from same people who made Skype. I use them for receiving international payments. Their service is exceptional. They also have the lowest fee as compared to any other money exchange service in the world. They are even cheaper than Western Union which at times claim to send money for no fee but take a hefty cut in the exchange rate itself which most people don't realize.
  2. Domestic Payment
    a. Directly in the Bank
    This should be your default for receiving payments if the student is in the same country as you are or they can make payment in the bank. There is no fee to you when they transfer money. You get the money almost instantaneously. Therefore, it's the best option

How to find students to teach online?

There is no easy answer to this. If there was, everybody would leave their jobs and teach online according to their comfort. However, there are some steps you can take to increase your chances of getting students.
Make a great Profile
Many people who register at or in any website for that matter try to go through making their profile as quickly as possible. Some even put junk text if there is a minimum they are forced to write. This is a big mistake. Students don't know you and they don't know how good you are. The only point of reference they have about you is your profile. To put it simply, If you make a bad profile, you will get bad (no) results. You should spend at least as much time in preparing your online profile as much you spend on writing a well-written resume as it can have the same impact on your life. Profile picture: Your profile picture should consist of a clear headshot in which you are smiling. Teaching is not dating but when students are looking at a stranger that they can trust, same subconscious kicks in. Do not put a random image of a God or a puppy, it would be a waste of time and space.
People who succeed have certain traits. They think long term, love what they do, and like to share. One of the best things that you can do to succeed is to help others succeed. Forums are a great starting point to sharing. Find a forum where lots of students and tutors come, and help the students there, thereby building authority. You will gain respect as an expert and will get paid assignments over time. This is not an overnight kill. It requires patience and genuine willingness to help. But results can be stellar depending on your niche and expertise. If you like the post and think it can be helpful to others, please let us know in the comments and share it using your preferred services below. This may as well be the start of your sharing mindset. You will not only help your friends, but you will also help yourself and me as well.